12 Piece Bronze Brush Set

$22.37 $16.99-24%


12 Piece Bronze Brush Set

$22.37 $16.99-24%

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This essential brush set gives you all the tools you need to apply makeup like a pro. These professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials.


1 x Powder Brush
1 x Eyeshadow Brush
1 x Large Eyebrow Brush
1 x Medium Eyebrow Brush
1 x Small Eyebrow Brush
1 x Lip Brush
1 x Eyebrow Brush
1 x Blush Brush
1 x Oblique Eyebrow Brush
1 x Eyeliner Brush
1 x Eyelid Brush
1 x Angled Contour Brush


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